about us

about us

A fundamental pillar in the local economy

The idea of establishing this association was inspired by the region’s need for a platform that enhances its agricultural role. The association aims to market agricultural products, provide guidance and education to farmers, and expand the reach of their products to local and neighboring markets.

Our Services

Marketing products to achieve the maximum benefit in local and neighboring markets



We aspire to occupy a pioneering position in the world of agricultural product marketing, while combining innovation with tradition, and placing food security and the development and empowerment of farmers at the heart of our strategy.



We strive for sustainable excellence in marketing food products, whether organic or non-organic, relying on steadfast ethical principles derived from our religious values. Serving our country and our people is at the forefront of our priorities, with an emphasis on integrity and transparency.



Improving the overall health of the community by marketing products with high nutritional value, through providing comprehensive marketing services that include packaging, manufacturing, and other distinctive services.


The association has 29 founding members

The Association's Board of Directors

The board of directors is formed for a duration of three years starting from the date 02/04/1444H